Overly Attitudinal

It’s a return to the realm of platform games as Rick and Ben discuss another set of genre defining characters and developers. From bandicoots to bears, our hosts realize that most successful platform games require... Read More

Rubbery and Chewy and Nasty

With knives in hand, Rick and Ben prep for a discussion of reality television. This time our hosts focus on food based TV. Plus, Rick lets his culinary pretentiousness show, and Ben reluctantly shares his... Read More

Just Killing Dudes

With spinners all awhirl, Rick and Ben sit down for another round of board game talks. From word games to products of their time, our hosts wrap up their fifth discussion on tabletop gems. Plus,... Read More

A Good Hertz To Have

Fresh from the render farm, Rick and Ben boot up another discussion on Pixar movies. From living toys to blue collar monsters, our hosts talk about the next couple of films from the award winning... Read More

Sister Carol Failing

With recorders in hand, Rick and Ben strike up a round of talks on children’s music. From the dark world of nursery rhymes to the hokey classics of big purple dinosaurs, our hosts touch on... Read More

All This Flesh

With cards in hand and late fees paid off, Rick and Ben reminisce about video game rentals. From large chains to family owned ventures, our hosts talk about the places, experiences and games they rented... Read More

Penises Aside

Cowering in the closet, Rick and Ben conjure up another talk about horror movies. From horror porn to zombie classics, our hosts talk about some of the great and not so great of the genre.... Read More

That Kind of Stamina

With slime on the mind, Rick and Ben return to the world of Nickelodeon to talk about more original programming. From siblings to campfires, our hosts touch on the good and bad of kid’s television.... Read More

Boston Pubic

Filled with moments of tension, Rick and Ben dive into another discussion on TV dramas. From small towns to schools to prisons, our hosts cover another set of dramatic television. Plus, Rick keeps calling things... Read More

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Thank You

After two years, Ben and I have made the decision to end the show. It has been an amazing experience. We loved getting to reminisce with you, the audience, every week. Thanks to everyone who…

Upcoming: Action Figures

We will be recording an episode on action figures later tonight. If you have any memories or stories related to action figures, share in the comments below.  We would love to include them in the…

Upcoming: Saturday Morning Cartoons

We will be recording an episode on Saturday morning cartoons Thursday night. If there were any shows you loved/hated or memories that you would like to share, post in the comments or hit us up…

Upcoming: Favorite Children’s Books

Thanks to everyone who listened to the first episode of the show. We appreciate spending your time with us and hope you liked it. Tonight we will be recording for our next episode: favorite children’s books. If you…