With buckets of popcorn by their side, Rick and Ben talk about their most disappointing movies. Terrible villains, stripped down adaptations and poorly used characters add to the list of reasons our hosts’ highly anticipated films fall far short. Plus Rick considers reversing his stance on a beloved children’s property, and Ben praises the policies of his local childhood theater.

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2 comments on “Not Enough Blue Penis

  1. keith May 12, 2015

    Thanks Rick and Ben. That was entertaining. Tmnt III was right on the money as well as JP III and episode 1. Some things I disagree on only because some were good as a stand alone product though they did not do justice to the originating work. The complaints on like the Hobbit movies sound like a whining fanboy. I’ve seen the first two (dvd rental because theatres gouge you) and thought they were entertaining as hell. I do agree about just finishing it with 2 though. Liked and shared.

    • Thanks for listening. I figure not everyone will be the same since it is based largely on how much the individual anticipated the movie. It was a fun topic. When I was first thinking about it, I wasn’t sure I could think of many movies. Then they just kept pouring in my head. For a lot of my life, I think I have had too high of expectations for Hollywood. In my older age, I am much more cynical.