With Milk Duds stuck in their teeth, Rick and Ben continue the conversation on their most disappointing movies. Bad sequels, childish humor and acting missteps add to the reasons our hosts found these movies unacceptable. Plus Ben looks back at his singing career when he toured local restaurant bathrooms, and Rick calls the world out on their terrible tastes.

File under: Most Disappointing Movies, Dumb and Dumber, A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, Haley Joel Osment, Macaulay Culkin, 28 Weeks Later, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Johnny Depp, Hannibal, Mortal Kombat Annihilation, X-Men: The Last Stand, I Am Legend, The Spirit, The Phantom of the Opera, The Pick of Destiny, The Last Airbender, Chris Farley, Ben Affleck, Keanu Reeves, The Matrix, Nicolas Cage

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