Traveling back to the days of yore, Rick and Ben discuss the many things that made up their personal brand during school. Since the dawn of time, humans have spent their lives creating an identity for themselves, figuring out where they fit into the world around them. In this week’s episode, our hosts dive into the activities, accessories and anecdotes that helped define who they were as kids growing up. Don’t miss this look into the history surrounding the greatest hosts in podcasting.

File Under: Personal Brand, New Kids on the Block, Mountain Bikes, Ramhorn Handles, Money Belt, Money Market Manager, Trapper Keepers, Bullet Lead, Shame Eraser, Writing Utensil Baron, Warheads, Converse, Intellectual Superiority, Straight Edge (sXe), Chaotic Good, Spiked Hair, Pierced Ears, School Dances, Jocks, Theater Kids, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Church, Band, Choir, Renaissance Man, Sousaphone Solos, Punk Rock, Hardcore, Ska, Chains, Patches, Easter Bunny Ring, Safety Glasses, Art Class, Skateboarding, Student Council, Baby Killing, Vegetarian, Food Consumption, Papa John’s Sauce Shots, Mr. Light Socket Records, Dating

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