At the school cafeteria, Rick and Ben stir up a discussion on their food tastes, habits and changes over the years. From massive cans of ravioli to dozens of doughnuts, our hosts talk about the good, the bad and the ugly related to their food consumption. Plus Rick reveals the day he stopped being a man, and Ben finds out where babies come from.

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3 comments on “Three Finger Tony

  1. Ben's Mom Aug 24, 2015

    So, first of all, every tale of Ben’s childhood gluttony is (sadly) true. He didn’t even share some of the worst stories! I really laughed about his reminiscing on the whole collecting of Kool-Aid points thing. He’s right…we do still have the Kool-Aid pitcher and set of six plastic matching cups. I started to think about other prizes that had been ordered over the years: beach towels, kites, “secret listening devices”, etc. I thought about how we always stashed all the postage stamp sized point coupons we were saving in a little metal can in the back of the cupboard. Suddenly, it occurred to me that that can was still sitting in the back corner of the cupboard. I was sure it was emptied long ago, but curiosity being as it is, I had to open the can to check anyway. Surprise!! The can was still full of Kool-Aid points, along with several hopeful order forms and a tally sheet with the then current count. Ben, you’ll be pleased to know that as of August 27, 2001 you had a grand total of 915 Kool-Aid points saved up! It’s really too bad that you missed the boat to redeem these.
    PS – Thanks for the shout out about my cooking! I love that you share that love of food and cooking with A.

    • Do we need to have an episode of just Ben telling food stories? I would be down with that.

      I believe we kept our Kool-Aid points in an envelope in one of the kitchen drawers. It was always fun to pull out and see how many were in there. That is awesome that you still have a bunch.

      Thanks for listening and taking the time to share. The emails about the comments come to my email address, but I let Ben know you left one. So if he doesn’t respond, please don’t blame me!


    • I feel like there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t still allow redemption of Kool-Aid points. Just saying. I mean there’s all the logical reasons like I’m the only person in the world that still has Kool-Aid points, or that it would be expensive to have a production run of half a set of plastic Kool-Aid cups with old logos on them…but what about my problem of that gold mine of Kool-Aid points just sitting there?