With mouths agape, Rick and Ben talk about slang terms and phrases popularized throughout their younger years. Originating from television, music, subcultures and more, our hosts dig into the words that took on new meanings within their lifetime. Plus, Rick wonders how his Spanish teacher kept his job, and Ben convinces the world he should have grown up in the 50s.

File Under: Slang Terms, Cool, Awesome, Eat My Shorts, Don’t Have a Cow, Yadda Yadda Yadda, As If, Crib, Dawg, Sup, Diss, Dawgin, All That and a Bag of Chips, Willickers, Rad, Gnarly, Tubular, Stoked, Pumped, Dude, Dudette, Dork, Bad, Chill, Take a Chill Pill, Dingus, Goober, Tight, Whatever, Oh Snap, Boo-Ya, Da Bomb, Homeslice, Home Skillet, Homeboy, Homegirl, Burned, Sick Burn, Sick, My Bad, Half Again as Much, Talk to the Hand, Bite Me, Word to Your Mother, Wiggin Out, Geekin Out, Psych, B.F.F, L.O.L, Dope, Let’s Bounce, Props, Shady, Skeezy

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