With battle armor strapped tight and weapons in hand, Rick and Ben reminisce about their childhood action figures. From transforming robots to the stylish world of Barbie, our hosts talk about the figures and brands that left a kung fu grip on their hearts.

With pajamas on and pop-tarts in hand, Rick and Ben talk about Saturday morning cartoons. Our hosts revisit the shows they shared with their families, characters that stuck with them and theme songs that rocked. Not every show can stand the test of time, but the memories they brought continue to last.

The internet was not always the fast, efficient source of boundless information that it is today. In this episode, Rick and Ben discuss their early interactions with the world wide web. Dial up modems, instant messaging and the birth of MP3s were all part of our hosts’ scary new cyber world.

After a trip to the library, Rick and Ben talk about their favorite children’s books. Their many great memories show just how powerful reading can be at a young age. From modern classics to titles that have been passed down for generations, our hosts fall in love with these books all over again. Plus Ben sings and reads us a story.

In the premier episode, Rick and Ben discuss their favorite Nintendo Entertainment System games. These releases might not all be considered the best, but they stand out in the lives of our hosts. Delve back into the world of this classic video game system and its robust library.